Collection of Personal Information

For the purposes of this policy and it’s use at the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre, “Personal Information” is defined as:

  • any information that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact a specific individual including (without limitations), any and all information relating to:
    • Identity
    • Nationality
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Address
    • Telephone Number
    • E-mail Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Marital Status
    • Education
    • Employment
    • Health
    • Social Status
    • Religion
    • Political Affiliation
    • Financial records and/or activities
    • Criminal Record
    • Beliefs
    • Opinions

Personal information will be disclosed to only those staff members, associates, interns, and any other members of our organization who need to know the information for the purposes of their work.

The Delton Glebe Counselling Centre and its agents are permitted to use and disclose personal information to third parties without the individual’s knowledge and/or consent, when any of the following occur:

  • Staff, associates, interns or other member of the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre believe a client or someone else is in imminent danger of physical harm and information we have might prevent it
  • Staff, associates, interns or other member of the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre suspect a child under 16 may be in need of protection (abuse, neglect, abandonment, and/or witnessing violence)
  • Staff, associates, interns, or other member of the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre is subpoenaed by a court of law
  • Staff, associates, interns, or other member of the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre are presented with a search warrant
  • A client is experiencing a medical emergency
    • In this case, only information relevant to the medical crisis that may ensure the clients safety will be shared with professionals called to treat the crisis in question

Online Privacy Statement

This Online Privacy Statement explains how we collect, use, share and protect personal information collected through your online activities including through the use of any Delton Glebe Counselling Centre website or other online or electronic technologies such as email and mobile applications. By using this site you consent to the data collection described in this statement.

In this Online Privacy Statement:

“We”, “our” and “us” means collectively Delton Glebe Counselling Centre.

“Personal information” or “information” means information about an identifiable individual such as name, email or user IDs.

What We Collect and How We Collect It

The type of personal information we collect will depend on various factors including your online activities with us. We may collect information in the following ways:

  • Information you provide us, through your online activities.  This may include information such as name, email address, user IDs, passwords or service preferences (e.g., language). If you communicate with us online or by email or text message, we may collect information contained in that communication, such as your email address or mobile telephone number.
  • Information that your web browser may provide us, such as the type of web browser you use (e.g., Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) or the address of the website you came from.
  • Information that your device may provide us, such as device details (e.g., mobile, tablet), or your IP address (a number that is automatically assigned to your computer or device when you browse the Internet and from which the general geographical location of the device can be derived).
  • Information obtained using web technologies, such as cookies and web beacons. Please see the Web Technologies section below for further information

How We Use Information

We may use information for the following purposes, to:

  • Provide you with our online products, services and support
  • Communicate with you, including providing alerts that you have requested
  • Personalize your user experience including offering you personalized marketing and offers
  • Better understand your interest in products and services
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of our websites, communications, marketing, or offers and promotions
  • Measure website usage and improve functionality
  • Enhance online security including preventing and detecting security threats and criminal activities

Using third party cookies, we may market its products, services or community initiatives on another company’s website (e.g., remarketing). In some cases, the content of this marketing may be based on information we know about you, such as your browsing behavior on our websites; however, as part of this marketing, we do not share such personal information with third parties. If you access one of these marketing ads, we may also track the response rate and the website activity associated with each marketing. The response rate data is used to help us plan future online marketing campaigns.

We may from time-to-time offer mobile applications or services that use location information. If you choose to use such applications or services, we may, if your location-aware device settings allow us, collect information about your location to provide you with the applications or services you request.

We may also use location information to personalize your user experience including through website content, marketing, or offers for products and services. For example, we may use general geographical location derived from your IP address (e.g., city) to customize our website pages for you.
Protecting Your Personal Information

Protecting the security of your personal information is of utmost importance. We use multiple layers of protection when you access any of our online products or services.

Our websites may contain links to third-party websites. We are not responsible for the information and privacy practices of these third-party websites. We recommend that you read any such third-party website’s privacy policy to learn about its information and privacy practices before you provide any personal information.
Web technologies

We and/or third parties many use various web technologies, including web beacons and cookies.

Web beacons are tiny graphic images we may place on our website pages or in our emails. They may be used to measure such things as response rates to our communications and to help us to improve our web pages and promotions.

A cookie is a small file created by a web browser on your computer when you visit a website or a particular page on a website. Cookies collect and store information based upon browsing patterns or information you provide.

Information that may be collected on this website include but are not limited to:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Language
  • Brower
  • Operating System
  • Network
  • Type of Device

Note: All the information collected is non-personally identifiable information
Your Privacy Choices

A user can opt out of the data collection process by disabling cookies.  You can choose to opt out of the use of cookies by changing the settings in your browser.  If you choose this option can help.

Privacy Complaints

If an individual has a concern about the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre’s personal information handling practices, a complaint may be filed, in writing by filling out this Privacy Complaint Form, and submitted to Dorinda Kruger Allen, Privacy Officer, at, or 519-884-0710 x 3241.

Upon verification of the individual’s identity, the Privacy Officer will act promptly to investigate the complaint and provide a written report of the investigation’s findings to the individual.

Where the Clinical Director (CD), or Executive Director (ED) makes a determination that the individual’s complaint is well founded, they will take the necessary steps to correct any information handling practice
and/or revise the Centre’s privacy policies and procedures.

Where  the CD, or ED finds that the individual’s complaint is not well founded, the individual will be notified in writing.

In the event the complainant is not satisfied with the response, they may choose to contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner here.

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