Personal Statement:

Let me tell you about Joy

As lovely as my name is – it can also be a difficult one to live up to. Because, if joy (as I understand it anyway), is contentment – like, the down-to-your-very-core knowing ‘it is well with my soul’ – no matter what’s happening in my past or present circumstances – – then yeah, … even my name mocks me at times.

Life is hard – and it’s not easy to feel ‘joyful’ when you’re in the throes of the storms and stuff of regular life. Sometimes just surviving is a major accomplishment let alone feeling any sense of happiness or contentment. None of us can control all the variables of life or be totally prepared for the things we face. But we can explore where the cracks are forming in the foundation of our well-being– where the roots of our selves are dry and neglected – and that – can be tended to.

It would be an honour to sit with you and hear your story. We can sort through the pieces together, at your pace, and reassemble them to best represent what your new ‘joy’ could look like now (despite your circumstance, struggle, or loss). Whatever you are wrestling with, reaching out and talking about it is a really healthy step – not keeping your fears, anger, pain, or needs secret any longer is a strong step closer to finding the treasure of your own deep-down-in-your-soul, contentment!

Background, Experience, and Therapeutic Areas of Interest

I have lived, worked, or volunteered in several diverse populations, and become acquainted with many different challenges that people face. You may feel very alone or misunderstood in your circumstance because of the uniqueness of your situation.

I have worked with adolescents struggling with substance abuse, self-esteem, and identity issues, including LGBTQ+ teens. My family fostered young children in care, and I have a deeply compassionate understanding for both the parent and the child within the difficult and complicated circumstances that cause Family and Children’s’ Services involvement. It can feel like such an unfair world, with unfair systems that can lose sight of the dignity and humanity of those caught up in the system.

Finally, I believe in the importance and benefit of faith and spirituality for one’s well-being. This too is unique and personal to each individual. I have a lifelong experience of the hope and beauty of faith and spirituality in the evangelical Christian church, but out of this I also have a compassionate understanding of the sometimes unhelpful, oppressive, or even abusive ways that religion or scripture can be used to cause pain or distress in a person’s life.

Whatever your journey, struggle, questions or observations about your life, I hope to hold them carefully, and sacredly with you.

Fun and Unnecessary Facts about Joy

I love coffee, and birds – art and reading, and all things vintage or antique. I have crazy hair that does not behave, but this seems to suit my artistic nature somehow. I’m in my happy place when I have a chance to create things with any art supplies (or repurposed items). I love to walk on the nature trail at the far edge of the small town I live in, and often close out my day on a walk with my husband. We love our home together and enjoy sharing it with our three teenaged/young adult children, and a sweet, teal coloured lineolated parakeet named Murphy.

Areas of Special Interest:

Interested in working with people of all ages – including children, youth, and adults

Managing depression

Exploring grief, and loss

Dealing with narcissistic abuse or relationships

Exploring lack of purpose and meaning in life

Substance Abuse or Behavioural Addiction

Self Esteem and Body Image

Gender and/or Sexual Identity Questions, and/or ‘Coming Out’

Gender and/or Sexual Identity within a non-affirming family/faith/community


  • MA, Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy (Candidate) – Wilfred Laurier University
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Addictions Counselling – Emmanuel Bible College
  • Bachelor Religious Education – Counselling and International Studies – Emmanuel Bible College