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Counselling for Students

Our time as students can be filled with various emotions. We can feel excitement as we begin a new adventure, or continue toward a goal that we have been working diligently to accomplish. We can feel a bit nervous about how we will finish all the assignments that we have before us, or anxious about what we will do when school ends and what our future will look like. Family, friends and other aspects of the world around us can also be either a barrier to our success at times, or potential resources we can use to encourage our growth.

These emotions can exist at various times, or there can be moments when it seems so many emotions are dominating and we do not really know what to do with them all. We might be excited but fearful at the same time, or happy about moving forward while we are sad about leaving things behind. We understand that being a student is not always easy, not only within classrooms but navigating through social relationships and family interactions. We are here to be a resource to you during this time, and are thrilled to be able to offer student rates that help to take the burden of finances away from pursuing counselling.

Student Fees:

Being a student can often times require living on a budget. We do not want a budget to prevent students from being able to access the mental health resources that they need. Therefore we offer affordable therapy for students: 

Student Therapy Fee: $20 for a 50 minute session.

If you are a student (High school, College, University) you are able to access the Student Therapy fee of $20 if you meet with one of our Professional Practicum Graduate Therapist. 

Here is a list of the therapists that meet this criteria:

Student Insurance Options:

Depending on the University or College you attend, your school may provide you with an extended health benefits. Often times these extended health benefits are bundled in with your tuition payments, and some students are not even aware of the resources they have. We have listed below the University and Colleges in the area, and if we know of a health program associated with the full time students at that school, we have included information and links to find out more ways you can access these resources.

Universities in the Area:

The Kitchener-Waterloo area is filled with great universities and colleges that provide students with the ability to continue their education. We serve all students within the area. Here is a list of just some of the Universities and Colleges that are nearby and resources associated with these schools:

Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy 

  • Counselling Services at Laurier:
    • All Laurier students have the ability to access Counselling Services through the Wellness Centre at Laurier. These sessions are free, and if you have yet to contact the Counsellign Services and Laurier Wellness Centre, we encourage you to see how they can be of benefit to you.
  • Laurier Student Insurance Plan: 
    • If you have not opted out of your insurance plan, you will have coverage to meet with a Registered Social Worker or Psychologist.
      • Undergraduate Students can be covered 80% of each session for up to $800.
      • Graduate Students can be covered $30 for each session for up to $500.

University of Waterloo

  • Counselling Resources at UW (University of Waterloo)
    • All University of Waterloo students have the ability to access Counselling Resources through Counselling and Psychological Services at the University of Waterloo. Through contacting the Counselling and Psychological Services of UW, students can find out more information about Group Therapy, Seminars and Individual Counselling Services.
  • University of Waterloo Student Insurance Plan: 
    • If you have not opted out of your insurance plan, you will have coverage to meet with a Registered Social Worker or Psychologist.
      • Undergraduate and Graduate Students are offered 80% coverage for up to $400. (A Physician Note is Required)

Conestoga College

  • Counselling Services at Conestoga College
    • Full time students have the ability to access counselling through Counselling Services at Conestoga. These services include individual, group counselling and workshops.
  • Conestoga College Student Insurance Plan
    • The Student Insurance Plan at Conestoga College covers 70% of the cost of meeting with a Registered Social Worker for up to $300. Please find more information on the Student’s insurance page.

Other Colleges in the area: 

Booking an Appointment:

Would you like to book an appointment with one of our Professional Graduate Practicum Therapist, or set up a session with one of our MSW, RSW’s that are covered through your University or Colleges Student Insurance Plan? Here are the next steps that you can take: