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Sometimes people in need are not able to afford counselling services. They look for help for themselves or a loved one but are not able to access it. We are committed to providing our services at an affordable cost and to do our best to never turn people away because they may lack the ability to pay. Can you help us achieve that goal?

Your donation of $20 will pay for one counselling session for a student with a supervised graduate level intern.

Your donation of $40 will pay for one counselling session for any community member with a supervised graduate level intern.

Your donation of $100 will provide a child with one session with either an Art or Play Therapist; $100 can also provide a community member a session to see one of our Registered Social Workers or Registered Psychotherapists.

Your donation of $120 will support a couple to seek counselling.

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Our Trauma Fund for Refugee Community Members:

Ontario has received over 10,000 refugee families, and over 1000 of these families are from the Waterloo Region alone. We are honoured to be able to support and welcome these new families into our community. We understand that there will be many changes and adaptions that will need occur, not only for those newly settling within the Waterloo Region, but also for the community here who is welcoming the newcomers.

That is why we have put together a fund specifically for refugee community members:

Walking with You: Trauma Counselling for Refugees Fund 

When you donate to this specific fund your donations will be put toward offering counselling services for refugees within our community. Your donation will be of great service to newcomers who are coming from a place where war and trauma were a part of their lives, and also for those who are moving to Canada and have lost their sense of self, home and identity in the midst of this huge transition.

Through your donations, we will be able to walk alongside our new community members. We will be able to provide for their mental health and wellness with minimal cost to them, enabling them to focus on taking care of themselves and their families.

Tax receipts will be provided for all donations through Wilfrid Laurier University.

For more information please view our Giving Tuesday – Waterloo Region Page

Thank you for considering partnering with us, and donating to the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre. To proceed with donating, please click the link below: 

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