We are a faith-based counselling agency.  Unlike many traditional counselling agencies that often choose to disregard issues of faith and spirituality, we strongly encourage it. Our multi-faith world view is that everyone comes with a spiritual or faith belief system. We are interested in understanding each individual’s unique belief system and encourage them to leverage it if they deem it helpful.

Will we be talking about God?

For many individuals faith is understood within the perspective of God. However, for others spirituality may conjure up images of the universe, love, energy, art, nature and much more. Still for others faith and spirituality may not be important. All perspectives are welcome and encouraged. Our aim is to understand your worldview and never impose one on you. Our belief is that by understanding more clearly your worldview, it can be used as a resource in your healing and change.

Do we only talk about issues of faith or spirituality?

We are a client-centered counselling agency which simply means that your therapist and you work together on a treatment plan which is best for you. Our unique approach ensures that if issues of faith and spirituality are important to you, we are trained to listen and explore them with you. All therapists are trained in traditional counselling approaches. All therapists also have the education that allows them to qualify for membership in the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario or are Registered Social Workers (RSW).


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