About Us

Mission, Vision & Values

At the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre (the Glebe) we provide affordable, high quality, and compassionate care,
welcoming people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, life experiences, faith and spirituality.

We provide professional therapists who are either members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, or the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, or are supervised graduate students working towards becoming a member of either of those professional colleges.

We Believe That

  • Talking helps.
  • Along with talking, other ways of addressing your concerns (art or play therapy for example) can be helpful.
  • Challenges in life are opportunities for learning and growth.
  • You bring your life experiences, values and beliefs into the therapy process.
  • These together with the therapist’s personal and professional experiences can address your concerns.
  • Everyone has the right to receive mental health services.
  • Some of your concerns will resolve in a few sessions while others may take longer. The amount of time in therapy is determined by you and your therapist.
  • When clients and therapists work together, healing and change can happen.
  • Faith and spirituality can be important resources for healing and change.

Our History

The Delton Glebe Counselling Center is named after Rev. Dr. Delton J. Glebe
(1919-2011), a Lutheran pastor, who was Principal-Dean and Professor of
Pastoral (Spiritual) Care and Counselling at what is now Martin Luther
University College (1970-1984). He was a clinical member of the American
Association of Marriage and Family Therapy as well as a charter member and
former president of the Canadian Association of Pastoral Education.

Delton was a pioneer in the research and teaching of grief, death and dying.
Opened in October 2013, The Delton Glebe Counselling Centre aims to extend
the leadership and legacy of the late Delton Glebe.

Martin Luther University College

The Delton Glebe Counselling Centre, a community program of Martin Luther University College (formerly Waterloo Lutheran Seminary), provides mental health services as a non-profit organization. The Glebe was established as an agency that has both professional therapists and a place where graduate students of the Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy Program at Martin Luther University College, as well as the Masters of Social Work program at Wilfrid Laurier University, can train as therapists and complete the practicum portion of their program under the supervision of Kristine Lund, RP, our Clinical Director.

By serving students and our community this way, we offer quick access to high quality, affordable, mental health care. The Delton Glebe Counselling Centre is sponsored, in part, by the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

Meet Our Team

Laila Brand, RP, MA


Jessica Kinyua, MA, RSW


John Dinner ,MA, RP(qualifying)

MA, RP(qualifying)

Kyoung Kim (김경중), PhD, RP, MA, CCC


Alyssa Strachan, RP, MA


Dr. Bob Doering, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Ph.D., C.Psych.

Ethena Williams M.Div. RSW

M.Div. RSW

Jordan Sullivan, DTATI (cand) (Art Therapist candidate)

DTATI (cand) (Art Therapist candidate)

Yoke Kennedy, MSW, RSW


Michael Chow, RP


Pamela Loughton, MA, MDiv, AHPCE, PhD (Cand), RP

MA, MDiv, AHPCE, PhD (Cand), RP

Jennifer Helmuth, RP, MA


Eleanor Wright, MA, RP


Kathy Bazinet, B.A., BEd., M.A., RP

B.A., BEd., M.A., RP

Christina Hennelly, MSW, RSW


Karen Hultin, MSW


Rob Campbell, MSW (cand.)

MSW (cand.)

Brianna Comeau, MSW (Cand.)

MSW (Cand.)

Joseph Thomas RP(cand.)


Julia Davis, MSW (cand.)

MSW (cand.)

Lindsay Thompson, MSW, RSW


Florence Juma, RP, MEd., MDiv.,

RP, MEd., MDiv.

Bethany Hanman MA (cand)

MA (cand)

Cater Sloan MA (cand)

MA (cand)

Nicholas Balaisis, RP, PhD


Zinta Auzins MA (cand)

MA (cand)

Kelly Schaus MA (cand)

MA (cand)

Alexandra Kljuseva MA (cand)

MA (cand)

Jennie Benjamins MA (cand)

MA (cand)

Joy Borutskie MA (cand)

MA (cand)

Avneet Kaur-Azad, MA (cand.)

MA (cand.)

Timothy Eddy, RP(Q), MTA, MMT


Anne Schnarr, MSW, RSW, Social Worker, Jungian Psychoanalyst, CPT/S (retired)

Office Administrator

Chad Bouma MSW,RSW

Office & Intake Coordinator

Ala AI Thibeh, RP

M.Div, PhD, RP

Dr. Peter Kuhnert, MD, MDiv, FCFP


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