3 Places to Find Hope Today

Emotions are all over the place after the most recent American election. These emotions may cause us to feel great, while others might cause us to feel hopeless. No matter where you stand on the political line, here are 3 places you can find hope today:

1. Nature


Nature can evoke feelings of awe, inspiration and hope. Find time today to take a walk, or simply sit outside for a few moments. Realize the beauty that surrounds us, the depths of the roots that the trees have, and how vast it all is. This world has been around a very long time, and the earth has seen many struggles — but still today we find ourselves in the midst of a stunningly beautiful earth. Acknowledge the space around us, and breathe in the air — find hope in the perseverance of our earth.


2. Relationships


Not everyone is surrounded with numerous friendships, but we all have relationships that can help us to find hope. Whether it is a best friend, a family member, a co-worker or a neighbour that continually checks in on us, most likely we can think of a person that helps us feel valued and cared for. Not only are there people who care for us, many times we can find hope in relationships in which we provide care. This could be a child, a neice or nephew, someone we are mentoring, students in our classrooms — when we really stop to think about who we are investing in, we can find hope in those relationships.


3. Past Success

Champions team

Take a moment to think about something that you overcame in your past, something that you thought you would never get through. You are likely able to think of a time that you were afraid of what would happen and the “what ifs” caused you to be anxious. Now you stand on the other side of that moment, that task, that experience and you have succeeded, you’ve overcome the struggle. That is something to celebrate, and that celebration can help us find hope in the midst of our current battles and difficulties. You have faced things in the past that you once thought were impossible to overcome, or the challenge of that particular thing seemed too great for you to achieve it, and yet you did! Therefore, take sometime to realize that you have triumphed in the past, and find hope in how you will use that as motivation to move forward.

Finding Hope:

If you need a little help finding hope today, take some time to explore nature, to think about those relationships you are invested in, and to commemorate your past successes as you look forward to what is before you. You’ve made it this far, you’ve done this much already — celebrate that. If you feel that even with taking time to think about these three things, you are still struggling to find hope, a purpose or even motivation for moving forward, feel free to contact us here at the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre. Our therapist are more than willing to sit with you and help you navigate this time in your life.

3 Places to Find Hope Today